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The Macron teamwear range in cutting edge and high performance to give your team the quality they deserve.


Schools come in all shapes and sizes, so we use a product range that meets every requirement. 

31 Colourways

31 colourways to ensure your club/school/university has a unique look!

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Macron - Performance Teamwear

We work hard to create cutting edge, high performance sportswear to support athletes from grassroots to professionals in their efforts to become their own hero on and off the field.

We strive to build a community that shares our passion for true sport.

We believe that high standards of good management, social responsibility and respect for the environment are the way to design the future.


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7 million

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"Wimbledon Hockey Club is thrilled to confirm our sponsorship deal with Macron, a cutting-edge Italian sportswear brand. Known for their exceptional quality, Macron is swiftly making waves in the team sport industry. They bring an unmatched sense of style and innovation to our team's kit. As a club, we are proud to be partnering with Macron and look forward to showcasing their high-quality, stylish sportswear on the field.”

Paul Knowles
Chairman of Wimbledon Hockey Club

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I am excited to be working closely with Macron sportswear. Exceptional quality, functional and friendly service, I am certain the playing kit will be innovating Hockey Team Wear in the UK. As a club, we are proud to be working with Macron and feel privileged to be able to showcase their excellent apparel on the Hockey Pitch. 

Karl Stagno
Head Coach

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We have partnered with Macron, it's unrivalled quality lends itself so well to our fast dynamic game where our players are in and out of low positions all the time even more exciting is the offering of the new 2 in 1 women’s shorts, a fabulous step forward in offering our elite players this choice. We look forward to walking out as a smart athletic team this season. 

Alex Danson MBE
Head Coach, Women's 1st XI


Designing products in partnership with our customers is an integral part of our process. Whether it’s stain-resilient fabrics, adjustable waistbands or water-resistant material coatings, we create sustainable products that solve problems.

We listen to our customers’ needs and work closely with them at every stage of the design process to come up with solutions to real challenges.

Our mission is to revolutionise the market by continually setting new standards for sustainability, service and support to improve the way we operate and deliver for all our customers.


Value for money.

Parents want to know their children’s uniforms and sportswear will last until they grow out of it, providing exceptional value for money. Our products are independently tested on their durability, with ranges at a price point for every budget to give schools unrivalled choice to select the right products for their parents and pupils.

Research & Inclusion

We develop our ranges in close collaboration with retailers, schools, parents and students. Our design process starts with student focus groups and interactive workshops to understand their needs and we have worked with charitable organisations on previous research projects to ensure our products are as inclusive as possible regardless of age, gender or size.We greatly recognise the necessity and demand for sustainable schoolwear and sportswear, which is why our focus remains on this exciting area of development.


We’re in complete control of every process – from pattern development, fabric and colour selection and supplier production, right through to final quality sign-off. This means we can easily implement new ways of improving our products and operations, as well as finding better solutions to reduce our environmental and social impact.We’re already more than halfway towards achieving our 2025 target of successfully transitioning 100% of our product range to eco and we’re also working towards moving all eco product polybags to 100% recycled sources.


We’ve taken a leading stance on testing our products. Part of our design process involves testing the durability of our products to ensure they’ll stand up to the rigours of modern schooling. We routinely test our products with independent testing houses and also compare our test results with competitors to ensure we remain the industry leader in this area.To certify our sustainable materials, each product is independently tested for durability, quality and safety and is then asserted to relevant industry standards such as GRS Global Recycling Standard (Bronze to Gold). This ensures our customers can feel confident and assured when purchasing our eco products.